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Spring 2017:

Take a look at some of the posters presented by undergraduate lab members presented

Fall 2016:

A BIG congratulations to Carina Fan on her first place award for her poster presentation at McGill's undergraduate research conference.

Sarah presented some work from our lab at Psychonomics 2016. Take a look!

Summer 2016:

Some press on Dr. Sheldon's work on individual differences in memory:

We are conferencing like champs!

Here is Dr. Sheldon presenting at CSBBCS 2016

And here are some of our posters from recent conferences.



Winter 2016

Some of our research is making headlines! Here are some examples


Also some congratulations are in order:

Congratulations to Sonja on her second place finish at the Undergraduate Research Day (Oct 2015)! See below!
Congratulations to Ariella for her wonderful poster at CSBBCS conference (2015)!